Spendless provides a gateway for Decentralised Finance (DeFi) transactions and enables users’ money to be put to work to generate interest to be directed towards charitable causes.

Spendless users can deposit DAI to donate interest to a campaign of their choice. At the time of writing, there are four campaigns on the Spendless website. Once deposited, the DAI is sent to Compound where it earns dynamic interest every block. Then, using the rDAI protocol, the interest earned is separated from the initial deposit and redirected to a chosen wallet address.

This functionality has been achieved by utilizing smart contracts built…

Overcoming the challenges of climate change presents unique opportunities for innovators to find powerful market-based solutions which are bound to yield positive economic returns through their use. Climate change adaptation, ultimately, will become necessary despite our best efforts to thwart the worst effects of rapid climate change.

Consider the goals of the Paris Agreement, the landmark accord that sets humanities collective ambition toward reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of the Paris Agreement, stated in simple terms, is to prevent the next 0.5°C — 1°C of warming. According to the IPCC, limiting warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels is…

Investing is always a game of risk mitigation and patience, and through My DEFI Pie, Confluence Analytics have created a way to generate returns and use the power of compounding to put a dent in long-term risks to both investments and the climate.

My DeFi Pie — Eco Direct gives users direct exposure to crypto assets, with a cash component generating passive income for the carbon reduction and abatement projects, managed by Offsetra

My DeFi Pie — Eco Index gives users the same benefits as above, plus exposure to a community-curated DeFi “fund of funds”

Software and the power of…

Oxford academics published in September 2020 a report titled ‘The Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting’. The report recognises the important role that the voluntary carbon markets will play in enabling the journey to net zero as organisations step-up their activities to mitigate the carbon impact of their operations, whilst acknowledging that the marketplace must also be undergo ongoing scrutiny to ensure that credits that are marketed are delivering the carbon impact they claim.

The report reinforces one of the key considerations for those looking to offset: that offsetting is not a panacea, and taking meaningful action to…

Merely Art?

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTS, have emerged as an innovative way for artists to have more creative freedom and control over their work. Due to the legitimate scarcity made verifiable by blockchain technology, buyers of NFTs can be assured that their purchase is both authenticate and certified. This gives digital art minted as an NFT real value that wasn’t quite possible in the digital art space.

Such “tokens” are unique, tradeable pieces of information that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens have special properties unlike other forms of digital information: they can be bought, sold, or even invested (“staked”).

Don’t Buy Meme ($MEME) has taken the DeFi world by storm — since its inception, the community-created token has grown over 900% in value.

Part of the increase in demand is because users need MEME tokens in order to stake them and earn pineapples. Similar to the yield farming craze, to mint these non-fungible tokens (NFTs), one must first stake MEME.

Originally started as a joke (err, meme?), the growing project currently has a 24hr trading volume of $2M and a $16M market cap, as of September 28th, 2020.

So don’t be fooled by the name. MEME is an innovative…

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as an innovative means of carrying out secure, online financial transactions. By June 2020, the daily transactions of Ethereum and Bitcoin had cumulatively reached almost 763,000. Today there are over 50 million Blockchain wallet users — a linear increase over the past half-decade.

Source: Statista — worldwide blockchain wallet users

The revolutionary aspect of cryptocurrencies is the underlying Blockchain technology, rather than the digitalisation of currency in itself, and whilst the Blockchain is an enabler of decentralisation and unrivaled data security, it is the source of significant environmental degradation due its carbon emissions.

For context, the carbon footprint for each Ethereum transaction is estimated…

There’s a lot to unpack in the Paris Agreement, a landmark environmental accord that was adopted by over 195 nations in 2016. The deal aims to substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to limit potentially catastrophic global temperature increases — with a target of keeping temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius (based on pre-industrial levels).

For the Offsetra team, the signing of the Paris Agreement was a landmark occasion. …

Community forest management has the potential to bring economic development into forest communities and increase their well-being. Good examples of externally supported projects focusing on payment for environmental services as well as direct forest resource extraction, processing and commercialization have been experienced around the world.

One of these cases is with the Noh-Bec community in Mexico. Mexico has about 55% of its forest cover under community ownership through the figure of ejidos (communal organizations). These forest ejidos are mostly focused on timber production. In Noh-Bec, a community in the south east state of Quintana Roo, community forest management started in…

At Offsetra, we aim to be transparent in everything we do. That’s why we’re providing a comprehensive update regarding changes we have made for our flight calculator — based on the latest data available from the European Environment Agency. Read on to learn about the methodology powering our live flight carbon calculator.

It’s the miles that matter most.

If your goal is to come up with a highly precise calculation of the carbon-equivalent emissions of a flight, the math can get quite complex. …


Offsetra are working to raise awareness and increase transparency for carbon offsetting. UK-based start-up with members in the US and Germany.

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