Merely Art?

Non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTS, have emerged as an innovative way for artists to have more creative freedom and control over their work. Due to the legitimate scarcity made verifiable by blockchain technology, buyers of NFTs can be assured that their purchase is both authenticate and certified. …

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as an innovative means of carrying out secure, online financial transactions. By June 2020, the daily transactions of Ethereum and Bitcoin had cumulatively reached almost 763,000. Today there are over 50 million Blockchain wallet users — a linear increase over the past half-decade.

Source: Statista — worldwide blockchain wallet users

The revolutionary aspect of…

The loss of forest cover has serious consequences for our environment. In the past decades forests have absorbed about 30% of the annual anthropogenic (human-induced) CO2 emissions [1]. Furthermore, deforestation can result in soil degradation and interfere with the water cycle, which directly affects us as well as animals and…


Offsetra are working to raise awareness and increase transparency for carbon offsetting. UK-based start-up with members in the US and Germany.

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